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A stimulating day of  workshops with a focus on building vital life skills through our shared love of movement, music, play and story telling.

The true purpose of arts education is not necessarily to create more professional dancers or artists. It’s to create more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds and who can lead productive lives.

Kelly Pollock

Executive Director at the Centre of Creative Arts 

stART  your future

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Testimonial from Ms. Megan Hardy

MacKillop Catholic College, Hobart 


If you are wanting to get your students to think outside the box about Dance, Drama and the Arts, then you must allow them the chance to engage in stART YOUR FUTURE. 

Josef Brown is a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise and his friendly, open manner had the kids eating up his every word. 

As a teacher, I participated in part of the workshop and it enriched my understanding about how to teach anatomy, choreography and improvisation. I enjoyed the challenge of being a student and just playing with movement!

As I am starting up a Dance program, I wanted my students to know, right from the beginning, that Dance is far more than Eisteddfods and shows – it is about expression, passion and fun. 

In stART Your Future, I could see my student’s faces lighting up as they pushed their boundaries, I could see them having fun and, most importantly, I could see them growing as young people. 

I can’t put into words how fabulous this workshop was for my students and, the whole way back to school, the kids were saying how they wanted it to go for longer and they wanted to do it again.

Josef – thank you for this incredible program that is all about artistic expression and passion. We can’t wait to welcome you back every year!

stART your future

Those who’ve enjoyed a life in and around dance appreciate that partaking in dance and drama classes is not necessarily, nor even primarily about developing professional dance careers. 

In the main it’s a personal journey of self-revelation, expression and expansion, the simple joy of movement to music, both shared and alone and of discovering oneself and others through characters and stories. 


Yet perhaps less obviously, it’s also about cognitive development; preparing young people for school and formal learning environments, about developing a healthy physiology and the awareness of the benefits of exercise, about building valuable skill sets for those already at school and challenging older persons with new movement patterns to ensure they retain cognitive adaptability and flexibility. 

We have no idea what the job market will look like in 2050. It is generally agreed that machine learning and robotics will change almost every line of work -

from producing yoghurt to teaching yoga.

Yuval Noah Harari - 21 Lessons for the 21st Century 


And as we’ve all heard by now; the landscape of education is shifting. The specific skill sets required for the workforce of tomorrow are no longer a known quantity. What is widely accepted however is that the important skills required in the future will be the abilities to collaborate effectively and flexibly, think creatively while being able to critically and efficiently analyse and source information. And it is here that dance, drama and the arts more broadly, have a key role to play. 

stART your future is a day of fun, stimulating workshops with a focus on building these vital skills through our shared love of movement, music, play and story telling. Less focused on learning repertoire, being given choreography or technical training, stART your future emphasises collaboration games, learning to think, work and move creatively both alone and as part of a group and analysing and organically discovering information through script work. 

SCHEDULE - a full day workshop: 9am to 5pm



Available for ages 12+


Introduction & The Clowns Heart

Breaking down inhibitions to allow ourselves to explore, attempt and fail, and discover freely and playfully.  

The Class

Understanding the tool - Body 101 

Creativity & the Choreographic Process

Exploring the choreographic process and learning to generate ideas.

Lunch Break

Drama Workshop

Understanding the importance and basics of the story telling craft and playing with scripts.

Why Dancers Need To Act – Dance Australia magazine

Recap + Q&A


I started ARTS YOUR FUTIURE in January 2019. Below are the responses to the first workshop.

Student: Isabelle. Age: 14. Level: Intermediate Attends: Industrie Performing Arts, Hobart 

Isabelle thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. She loved how it has so many differing components like drama and the core body exercises. She found it challenging and rewarding and came out asking to do it all over again. Josef really catered to all, and made every child feel so very welcome and supported and I know his comments to my daughter after it had finished left her smiling for the rest of the day. Thank you for such an amazing workshop opportunity.

Nic (Mother)


Student: Nakia Age: 17 Level: Advanced Attends: Industrie Performing Arts, Hobart 

This workshop was such a great opportunity and experience for those whose aim is to become a professional artist, dancer or actor. What I loved about it was working on both dance and drama, setting us up for a dancing or acting career. It was such a great honour to dance and get tips from Josef, who has not only be an professional dancer in the Sydney Dance Company, and The Australian Ballet, but who has also been in TV shows and in Musical Theatre. One day I would love to become a professional artist and this workshop, Dance Your Future has really helped me understand what to expect and how hard it would actually be, yet also and most importantly, how fun it would be. This workshop is also great if you do not wish to become a professional, but simply learn more about dancing or acting.

Nakia (Student)


Student: Ellen Age: 12 Level: Intermediate Attends: Industrie Performing Arts, Hobart

Ellen had the best day ever. A very valuable workshop.

Cathy (Mother)


Student: Orana Age: 13 Level: Intermediate Attends: Industrie Performing Arts, Hobart

stArt Your Future was fun and really worthwhile. I really loved the way it related to life and dance. I learned so much about getting the most out of strength and fitness exercises. Josef made everything really interesting and fun while still being serious. Best workshop I have ever been to and I would love to do a workshop with him again.

Orana (Student)


Student: Zali Age: 17 Level: Advanced Attends: Industrie Performing Arts, Hobart 

I found the Dance Your Future workshop to be of great benefit to me, not just as a dancer, but as a person in general. During this workshop I believe I gained a vast range of new skills, all of which can be transferred into everyday life and how to apply those skills through a various range of tasks and games that we did on the day. By Josef sharing with us his broad knowledge and love for the arts, I believe that I was able to unlock my inner creativity and critical thinking by working both individually and collaboratively with others in a safe and fun environment.

Zali (Student)

Student: Sarah Age: 17 Level: Advanced Attends: Industrie Performing Arts, Hobart 

The stArt your Future workshop with Josef Brown was a wonderful opportunity, allowing me to find my creativity as well as push me out of my comfort zone in a safe environment. I think that each of us there that day learnt something not only about dancing but also about ourselves which is very important in our journeys as dancers. Josef was very encouraging while assisting us in this process and was a great mentor as he has many insights due to personal experiences which he was able to share with us.

Sarah (Student)

Student: Matilda Age: 13 Level: Intermediate Studio: Industrie Performing Arts, Hobart 

I was so inspired by Josef’s “Art Your Future” workshop. He taught me to look at choreography in new and interesting ways. I loved exploring drama and improvisation in a way that I could connect with dance. He has so much knowledge and I learnt a lot from him in a short space of time.

Matilda (Student)

Student: Chloe Age: 10 Level: Beginner/Intermendiate Attends: Industrie Performing Arts, Hobart

While Chloe is on the younger age of students for this workshop, she was thrilled that she was able to participate. During the workshop, Chloe was challenged and taken out of her comfort zone. She was able to do things she has never done before, like acting! And she loved it!! This was all done in a supportive, caring environment. Chloe was also able to work with older dancers, which I think is highly beneficial, as she had positive role models to aspire towards. This was a fabulous, value for money workshop, which Chloe was very happy to attend. She came out very inspired
Monique (Chloe's Mother)

Samantha Reason, Co-Director at Industrie Performing Arts and Managing Director of Tasmanian Talent Agency

As a second generation studio owner I have grown up in the dance industry and seen many dancers come and go through studio doors, to continue their dance careers, or to venture into a chosen field outside of the dance sphere. stArt Your Future is “next level” in giving students an insightful learning experience to appreciate the importance of collaboration, grounding, sharing, pushing outside their comfort zones and offers a thorough understanding of what dance has to offer in so many aspects of life. stArt Your Future provides a lovely balance of intellectual and physical dance education and is an invaluable course that I’d highly recommend be part of every studios curriculum.

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