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Are you:


a Studio Principal or teacher with a GROUP work you'd like notes on

 a new, or established CHOREOGRAPHER that would value an alternate creative eye

a SOLOIST and would like feedback ahead of an Eisteddfod or Competition


I’ve been professionally involved in dance for 30+ years.

Among the many roles and positions I’ve enjoyed over those years, I’ve spent significant time as an adjudicator at Eisteddfods, Competitions and on Guest Panels. For many of these I’ve been invited back multiple times.  

Sydney Dance Company – Lead

The Australian Ballet - Soloist

Modern Dans Topluluguu

Lead in Musical Theatre

NSW Dance Board






IRBD Newcastle

The Platform Event

Swansea Eisteddfod

Bunbury Eisteddfod

IRBD Northern beaches

City of Perth Eisteddfod

Maryborough Eisteddfod

City of Sydney Eisteddfod

ATOD Adjudication panel

Northern Beaches Eisteddfod

Australian Classical Challenge

Cecchetti Choreographic Award

Cecchetti Scholars (Assessment Panel)

McDonald College of the Arts (Assessment Panel)

Tanya Pearsons Classical Coaching Academy (Assessment Panel)

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Josef engaged his services and expertise as Head Panelist at The Platform from 2016-2019. Every year he went above and beyond in his advice and care, offering invaluable feedback. His connections, industry knowledge and technical insight are one in a million.

Samantha Reason - The Platform

Thank you for being our adjudicator. You are truly amazing and inspire so many.

Sally Wade - Australian Classical Challenge

WHY - I've started j-DANCE ASSIST


For many years I've enjoyed the opportunity to adjudicate witnessing the incredible talent around Australia, yet I’ve often been frustrated by having too little time to deliver substantial notes.

During 2020/21 however, I was asked to adjudicate from another perspective; from home, sitting in front of my computer. And while I certainly missed being in a theatre and seeing live performances, it did produce one benefit. Time.


Time to really watch the performance. Time to start and stop; to rewind and view a moment or sequence again. And while this added considerably to the time it took to adjudicate (a typical 4 hour session elongated to become 10 hours) I was happy for the opportunity to really look at the works and the dancers, and be able to more deeply consider my responses and find the language to ensure my feedback was fresh. 



Of course, video adjudication will never replace the benefits of being live in a theatre. The thrill for the dancer and the growth that comes from performing under pressure for an audience. 


Yet, it occurred to me that perhaps I've an opportunity to provide something else to the wonderful dance community I've bonded with over 30 years; feedback that is better articulated, and that can only come with the benefit of time.




Solo's & Groups



This feedback will benefit;


  • Young dancers seeking the perspective of a highly experienced practitioner in the industry, both as a performer and as an adjudicator; providing a supportive eye that will guide them.


  • More experienced dancers eager for that extra note that will assist in taking them to the next stage of their development, and/or that will help reinforce the path they're on.


  • Emerging choreographers needing honest feedback on their emerging creative craft.

  • More established creative artists seeking a bit of direction to break a dry spell; to energise and challenge their movement vocabulary.

  • Studio Principals wanting an outside eye on an ensemble piece.

We all need feedback from time to time that's unbiased in terms of personal connection; to listen to voices from outside the bell chamber of our support in-group, and to have our comfort zone challenged. For as important as our close creative allies are, to grow we also need to be able to consider alternate perspectives. Ultimately, even if we decide to disagree or ignore those perspectives, it's the process of being questioned that's important.


For teachers, my feedback might simply be a reinforcement of the many corrections you've been giving, or perhaps it'll shine a light on a particular quality of a dancer that has gone less recognised.


What it’s not, is a critique of anyone's training method or perspective. I’ll simply be responding honestly to what I see and articulating what I perceive as the strengths and the areas to work on for each artist. What each person or group chooses to do with that perspective is of course up to them.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Josef's adjudication was impeccable and all dance teachers, students and parents were thrilled with his constructive and positive adjudication reports and the comments made prior to announcing any results were inspiring to say the least.

Carol Wittaker -

St. George Eisteddfod 

For a better understanding of what I'm looking for as an adjudicator, please click once to read the above PDF.

To better understand how to film, present and share your video, please click once to read the above PDF.


What you need to do now -

  • Reach out to me via the CONNECT form below providing the required information.

  • I'll then respond via email asking you to provide a YouTube link to your video in an email, or to upload and send your video via (see PDF No.1 for extra information)

  • Upon receiving your video I’ll generate and send an invoice.

  • Once payment is confirmed, I’ll view and respond with my feedback; typically within 7 days.


I look forward to hearing from you and assisting your technical and artistic journey! 🕺🏼


Thanks for reaching out!

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