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  • Bryce Anderson in the feature film, Buckley's Chance (2019)
  • Dr. Mike on Home & Away (2019)
  • Graham King on Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries
  • Series regular, Matt Turner on Neighbours (Network Ten)
  • Auctus in Spartacus - Gods of the Arena (STARZ Network)
  • Patrick in Dance Academy (ABC TV)
  • Daniel in Sam's Story (short)
  • Dale in Home & Away (Network Seven)

  • Writer/Associate Producer, Art, During Siege (ABC TV)
  • Writer/Producer, At the Fork (webisode series)
  • Screenwriter - Neighbours (Network 10
The "Turner" family on NEIGHBOURS.
  • Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing - the classic story on stage
  • Charlie Redding, Officer and a Gentleman
  • Man of La Mancha
  • Choreographer, Every Single Saturday
  • Choreographer, Shifted (SDCo)
  • Gerardo, Death and the Maiden
  • Cameron, In the Body of the Son
  • Sydney Dance Company - Leading man
  • The Australian Ballet - Soloist
  • Modern Dans Topluluguu
  • Aida, International Opera Company

Art, During Siege


Associate Producer, Writer & Camera


Aired on ABC TV in 2005, Art, During Siege is a short-form documentary that follows the rise of the first contemporary dance company in Palestine, Ramallah Dance Theatre and their premiere work, ACCESS DENIED. 


Art, During Siege is the story of a small group of passionate individuals telling their story of transformation.

Click HERE to view.



Writer & Producer


Directed by Richard James Allen, At the Fork is a seven-part webisode series exploring questions about how we treat those animals we eat for their flesh.


It follows the stories of two engaged teenagers as they begin questions their 'normal' parents.


(played by Josef Brown)



(played by Manu Bennet)


Spartacus - gods of the arena

(dubbed version)

Katherine Griffiths


Josef Brown 



 (from Body of Work)

Choreography by

Graeme Murphy

Tracey Carrodus (Salome)
Josef Brown
(John the Baptist)

Choreography by
Graeme Murphy
Sydney Dance Company  



Choreography by Paulina Quinteros

with Katherine Griffiths

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